August 4, 2011

beach jump

The past few years we have been going to Greece for the summer, the Aegean Sea is exotically clear and clean and particularly salty, and there is quite a lot of it (the sea), so one can have a beach nearly all to themselves.

This summer we all ready went to Greece, and we also took a short road trip to the Black Sea in coast with some friends in tow, and spent two half days on the beach, romping about in the warm water, and talking jumping photos of ourselves. There is something magically transforming about about the act of leaping in the air, as supposed to just a standing photo. And its such giddy fun, especially when there was three of us trying to time our jumps together, and a fourth photographer person attempting to capture the brilliance.

Pictured are my 8 year old girl, our 18 year old friend, and myself at 28. Take note our age. We three are such good friends, despite the ten, ten, year age gaps, and we all play the piano.


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Kara said...

These are great!

Kara said...

I'm still waiting for another blog entry!