December 27, 2011

Embarassing tv appearance

In Spring of 2010 I was a guest on a low-budget and low-quality Bulgaria talk show, I mentioned it here. When it aired I was really embarrassed about it, but now that more than a year has passed I feel sort of ready to finally bring it out in the open. However I am really awkward and uncomfortable in it, and I do a lot of looking up with my eyes. I suppose I do this when I am thinking or trying to remember something from the past. Also I feel that the host put a lot of his words in my mouth, instead of for example, asking "how was the first year for you in England?", he would say "the first year must have been very difficult and shocking and for a little girl", meaning he did a whole lot of assuming, and not leaving me room to speak my own opinions/experiences. I cannot stand it when talk show host do that, and almost all of them do that, especially the big name American ones. It's practically a one person dialogue/monologue, it's unacceptable. The fellow was quite nice actually, we had a lovely chat before the show backstage, I suppose he was following some sort of standard egotistical interviewer format, probably not his fault.

Anyways here it is, major embarrassment in Bulgarian. Link
(Above is just a photo, you cannot watch it, have to click the actual link.)

December 26, 2011

Knitted model

Once upon a time, ten years ago, I was a model. I am retired quite a few years now, but occasionally if a friend asks to borrow my visages (face), I do oblige, and generally enjoy the feeling, especially if the images turn out nice.
So one bright morning this year, a friend and I did a petite impromptu photoshoot, in my favorite corner of our house, the one that has the best diffuse lighting and always brings out good photos.
The cause was for a new, knitted, scarves and shawls and ponchos line for my friends' sister. In fact both sisters are crafty ladies, one does hand painted silk scarves, the other hand knitted ones.
It was all quite amateur and enjoyable, however the results turned out nicely.

October 10, 2011

favourite website

Yes dear readers and freinds and family I have been a very absent blogger, here is one of the main places I have been hanging out at during my free time:

My number one online reading material spot is an American magazine I once adored, which ran for ten years starting in the mid 1990s. JANE is now an online version named XO JANE, which posts new articles daily (except the weekends), with a immensely honest and fun personal style. The writers are females of all ages who share a great deal of their personal lives with the readers, and following the articles it is not unlike receiving letters form a best friend, or reading their personal journal/diary.
I read "xo jane" daily, it's my main reading material, I could manage reading just it and nothing else. It covers a multitude of topics, and reading it brings on all kinds of emotions; sadness, inspiration, joy, laughter, hope, coolness, and a kind of feeling community, and not being the only one.

My favorite is the "It Happened To Me" section,

Other Fun Stories:
Puppy eats underwear.
Dumpster diving.
Accutane (acne medicine) woes.
Anorexia recovery causes major bodily gas.
Getting Toxic Shock Syndrome from you know what. 
A gorgeous house of a certain celeb
Real girl belly project 
Mannequin-leg trouble with Mormon parents

Note: I do not read the Sport section, I just cannot fathom the act of watching or reading about sports, nor the Fashion section much, I don't like the new writer, she is grossly superficial and has no useful advice.

September 10, 2011

puppy costume

Our little Cavalier King Charles puppy Georgiana is eleven months old in these photos, and my daughter is seven years. 
Georgie is just six kilograms (13 pounds), and happens to fit into doll/baby clothing, we dress her up sometimes and she is quite understanding and accepting of things done unto her with love. So she patiently participates in our experiments, and we squeal with laughter and adorableness. 
Note: We keep the puppy in the costumes only about 10 to 15 minutes, and then she is free again.

August 4, 2011

beach jump

The past few years we have been going to Greece for the summer, the Aegean Sea is exotically clear and clean and particularly salty, and there is quite a lot of it (the sea), so one can have a beach nearly all to themselves.

This summer we all ready went to Greece, and we also took a short road trip to the Black Sea in coast with some friends in tow, and spent two half days on the beach, romping about in the warm water, and talking jumping photos of ourselves. There is something magically transforming about about the act of leaping in the air, as supposed to just a standing photo. And its such giddy fun, especially when there was three of us trying to time our jumps together, and a fourth photographer person attempting to capture the brilliance.

Pictured are my 8 year old girl, our 18 year old friend, and myself at 28. Take note our age. We three are such good friends, despite the ten, ten, year age gaps, and we all play the piano.

August 3, 2011

i am back

Hello dear readers, I am back.
Yes I have not been blogging for many endless months, and it is an embarrassing disgrace, I feel awful about it. In my defense my child was class one/first grade and I was quite occupied with doing that whole situation; getting her to school on time, helping with homework, taking her to lessons, and mothering in general. Also I was a bit of a career woman for about half a year, meeting clients all over the city, reviewing and writing and so on.
However I am back now and will try to post more often.

November 5, 2010

Gia magazine

And here is the debut issue of online fashion magazine Gia. Lots of work by Lazar, and our daughter is in there too.

petite supermodel

Two dear friends of ours H&S came out with their own fashion magazine today, and we are honored to be quite prominent in their debut issue. My husband did four photoshoots including the cover, and one of the editorials is a beauty story of our darling girly cutie pie daughter. The idea was a basic beauty photoshoot showcasing the latest make-up trends from the fashion shows, but portrayed on the face of a young girl. I liked the idea, and considering our daughter is also good friends with H&S it was like a having a little party in our studio, and she enjoyed having the make up put, and being photographer by daddy, all in all creative fun.
I find the images stunningly beautiful, and they are in now way like kids beauty pageants, where hair is bleached and they are transformed into all sorts of vulgar stuff, and it becomes a lifestyle for those poor girls. For us this was just one hour after a regular school day.
I found it like portrait painting almost, just really really beautiful and aesthetic. We are so proud. Here are behind the scenes photos taken by me.